Dianne Gray – Board Member/Official Spokesperson

Dianne Gray is Chief Innovation and Patient Advocacy Officer of Acclivity Health Solutions, a tech company that creates true connected communities while utilizing AI & machine learning to generate analytics that helps clinicians ensure that seriously ill patients receive the right care at the right time.

Dianne is also CEO of Hospice and Healthcare Communications and is a nationally recognized speaker, award winning writer/journalist, film producer, educator and project director. Dianne is also a passionate advocate for improved communications and care for seriously ill patients of all ages and is especially concerned about the welfare of seriously ill, dying and grieving children around the world.

In addition to being an 11 year board member and past-President of the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation, Dianne is also Global Ambassador for the International Children’s Palliative Care Network and was previously on NHPCO’s Pediatric Leadership Council and the American Academy of Pediatrics SOHPM. Over the past twenty years, she has founded four non-profit organizations, each focused on improving life for seriously ill children and their families.

Over the past twenty years, she has worked as a Death Doula for thousands of grieving and dying people all over the world and has collaborated with major media partners and hospice professionals to produce a wide array films, books and an album (Liv On) with Olivia Newton-John, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Amy Sky.

Wherever she goes, Dianne still sits beside with the ill and the dying and still sees her family’s ten-year pediatric hospice/palliative care experience with her son, Austin, (who died in February 2005) as the gift of a lifetime.

Declaration and Call-to-Action on Palliative Care & COVID-19

Witnessing, with the rest of the world, the overwhelming physical, social, emotional and spiritual suffering COVID-19 is inflicting on infected persons and their families globally;

Recognizing that palliative care is aimed at prevention and management of serious health-related suffering;

Observing with great concern that the persons infected with COVID-19 are isolated from their families, and may never see them again;

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