Ken Ross – Founder and President

Ken Ross, son of Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, is the founder of the EKR Foundation (2006) and President (2006-2013 & 2018-). He also served on the board of the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Center from 1989-2005. Ken was the principal care provider for his mother in the last 9 years of her life until her passing in 2004.

His responsibilities included handling over 80 publishers of Dr. Ross’s work, public relations, copyright & trademark issues, website maintainance, developing foreign EKR chapters, developing strategic partnerships, as well as preserving her research papers. While growing up, he traveled with her extensively while on her numerous foreign trips witnessing her lectures and workshops. Ken has made a series of lectures on his mother’s legacy for hospices and various conferences around the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, India, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, & Peru since 2009.

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A professional photographer by trade, he has photographed 100 countries towards his goal of 101.

Author, Real Taste of Life: A Journal by Ken Ross and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, 2002

Tea with Elisabeth by: Ken Ross, Fern Stewart Welch, and Rose Winters, 2009