Gabriel Rao (USA)

Gabriel-Rao-EKR-headshot-2Gabriel Rao, co-founder of Everly in 2021, has dedicated nearly a decade of service to America’s Gold Star Families and U.S. military and veteran communities.

His commitment to providing modern and relevant bereavement care led to the creation of Everly, a digital platform that scales grief support by preserving legacies through digital time capsules and offering comprehensive grief resources.

His passion for this work is deeply rooted in personal loss. The death of his brother, Sgt. Elijah John-Miles Rao, and the memory of his wife’s late husband, SSgt. Jack Martin III, serve as catalysts that continually inspire his mission to ensure that no one faces their grief journey alone.

Before Everly, Gabriel made significant contributions to the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. He established a groundbreaking Men’s Program to support male grievers and initiated the Expeditions Program, designed to foster post-traumatic growth through meaningful outdoor experiences.

More than a leader in the grief care landscape, Gabriel is a dedicated family man who cherishes life with his wife, Ashley, and their two daughters, Louise & Willow.

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