Bin McLaurin (USA)

Bin-Mclaurin-headshotOver the last 12 years, Bin McLaurin has dedicated himself to developing and coordinating health and wellness programs for medical institutions like Cedars-Sinai Medical, Tower Cancer Research and

Banner Behavioral Health Hospital.

His passion is to create wellness opportunities for health equity in underserved communities across the globe. In addition, Bin is an avid supporter of cancer awareness and cancer survivorship and hosted over 20 Mental and Physical Wellness programs for organizations across the greater global community as well.

Bin has turned his own personal experience with cancer treatment and recovery to become a men’s health advocate volunteering in countries like India, Africa, and the US to promote cancer awareness and support survivorship programs. Bin also holds a certificate in Cancer Exercise, and is the founder of a nonprofit called MACHO, Men Actively Creating Healthy Outcomes, where he hosts a monthly virtual Men’s Cancer Support breakfast at Magnolia House.

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