Advisory Council

Dr. Katie Eastman (USA)

Dr. Katie Eastman is a national grief/trauma therapist, speaker, and consultant with ReCreate Coaching and Counseling in Anacortes, Washington.

As a licensed psychotherapist, licensed social worker, and life coach specializing in loss and transition, she supports individuals

Deborah Grassman (USA)

Deborah Grassman: The country’s foremost expert on veteran’s affairs involving hospice. Deborah Grassman is a Nurse Practitioner.

Her career at Bay Pines VA in St. Petersburg, Florida lasted for nearly 30 years, where she was the Director of the Hospice program and personally took care of 10,000 

Dianne Gray

Dianne Gray is dedicated to helping seriously ill, dying, and grieving people around the world live as fully and as pain-free as possible until they don’t. She studied the work of EKR and more in university coursework and has guided the work and legacy of the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation for over 13 years.

Cole Imperi (USA)

Cole Imperi is a dual-certified thanatologist, a two-time TEDx speaker, and one of America’s leading experts on death, dying, and grief.

She is best known for her work pioneering the fields of Thanabotany and Deathwork (which includes Death Companioning) 

Dani Monte (Brazil)

Dani Monte is based in Fortaleza, Northeast, Brazil. After a near-death experience, I felt a turning point in my life when I met Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross. Those eyes looked straight in my soul and have been guiding me ever since. Her light, her love, her words touch my heart.

Karla Wheeler (USA)

Karla Wheeler co-heads the Public Relations & Marketing Committee for the Open to Hope Foundation. A former newspaper reporter and editor, she is Founder and President of Quality of Life Publishing Co., a national publishing firm specializing in grief support books and a growing number of publications to help

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