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Americans to ‘Choose Love’ by Remembering Sandy Hook’s Jesse Lewis

December 14 will mark one year since six-year old Jesse Lewis and 25 other children and adults were fatally shot at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

To celebrate Jesse’s life and legacy, the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation have created a Sanctri Facebook memorial, in collaboration with the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation.

“Jesse Lewis was a remarkable child, full of light and love that radiated in his presence,” his mother, Scarlett Lewis said. “We wanted somewhere special on Facebook where the world can come together to pay tribute to his joyful life.”

“Everyone is invited to experience and share Jesse’s legacy of love, gratitude and compassion,” commented Kathy Eldon, co-founder of Sanctri, the Facebook app where people can come together to remember those who have passed. “Jesse’s Sanctri is the world’s gift to him and his family.”

Users can share their thoughts, as well as pledge positive actions in Jesse’s memory. All contributions made to Jesse’s Sanctri prior to January 2 will be included in a specially designed and printed Lifebook that will be presented to the Lewis family.

Donations to the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation can also be made via his Sanctri, where any donation made before December 2 will go entirely to the expanding Jessie Lewis Choose Love Foundation.

Dianne Gray of the Elisabeth Kubler- Ross Foundation said “I think that if Elisabeth were alive she would cheer the message of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation: that life is about loving each other and ourselves, unconditionally, above all else. “

“Let’s Have Dinner and Talk About Death”


Join the team of “Let’s Have Dinner and Talk About Death” and the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation as we launch an international initiative honoring Elisabeth’s desire to bring conversation on the topic of death into the our every day existence . . . and what better way to do that than by talking about it over dinner!

How we want to die – this represents the most important and costly conversation America isn’t having. We have gathered dozens of thought leaders, engineers, and designers to cast an unflinching eye at end of life – and to create an uplifting interactive adventure that transforms this seemingly difficult conversation into one of deep engagement, insight and empowerment.

Read more about Let’s Have Dinner and Talk About Death here.

After The End,” A film by Andrew Morgan


The Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation is proud to support the documentary film “After the End” by Andrew Morgan. We will continue to collaborate on this film project as it shares a perspective on grief and the power of love to transcend loss.

“After the End” is a documentary film about the effect of loss in each of our lives. A story about love, hope, and the gift of life. Following the stories of people from all walks of life who have each experienced the death of a loved one, the film explores what it means to lose someone without losing ourselves in the process.

After the End : Trailer from Untold Creative on Vimeo.

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The MISS Foundation

The MISS Foundation and the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation are collaborating in a conjoint education project for specialized training and certification in thanatology.

This initiative, the first of its kind for practitioners and clinicians around the world, is expected to accept its first cohort in 2014, and applications will be solicited by the end of 2013. More to come on this exciting partnership!

Learn more about the MISS Foundation here.

The EKR Center for Thanatology in Monterey, Mexico

The Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation is proud to have been a founding partner of the EKR Center for Thanatology in Monterrey, Mexico. Through professionally trained thanatologists and volunteers, the Center provides emotional support to patients and families as they cope with terminal illness. The Center currently provides care in two Monterrey hospitals and will expand its support through other area hospitals in the near future.

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