Honorary Degrees

Doctor of Science, H.C., Albany Medical College, New York 1974
Doctor of Laws, University of Notre Dame, IN.,1974
Doctor of Science, Smith College 1975
Doctor of Science, Molley College, Rockville Center, NY, 1976
Doctor of Humanities, St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN. 1975
Doctor of Laws, Hamline University, MN. 1975
Doctor of Humane Letters, Amherst College, MA. 1975
Doctor of Humane Letters, Loyola University, IL 1975
Doctor of Humane Letters, Bard College, New York, 1977
Doctor of Humanities, Hood College, MD 1976
Doctor of Letters, Rosary College, IL. 1976
Doctor of Pedagogy, Keuka College, NY 1976
Doctor of Humane Science, University of Miami, FL 1976
Doctor of Humane Letters, Bard College, NY 1977
Doctor of Science, Weston MA., 1977
Honorary Degree, Anna Maria College, MA., 1978
Doctor of Humane Letters, Union College, New York 1978
Doctor of Humane Letters, D’Youville College, New York 1979
Doctor of Science, Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1979
Doctor of Divinity, 1996

Declaration and Call-to-Action on Palliative Care & COVID-19

Witnessing, with the rest of the world, the overwhelming physical, social, emotional and spiritual suffering COVID-19 is inflicting on infected persons and their families globally;

Recognizing that palliative care is aimed at prevention and management of serious health-related suffering;

Observing with great concern that the persons infected with COVID-19 are isolated from their families, and may never see them again;

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