Scottsdale, Arizona

Dear Friends,
First day of fall 99 I hope you are all looking forward to the new millennium which will bring with it alot of exciting new discoveries and hopefully new peace in the world, love, and understanding. Remember that we are all brothers and sisters and treat each other as you want to be treated irrelevant of the color of their skin, their religion, or their lifestyle. I make slow progress week after week. Visitors here from Europe, who have not seen me in two years, say I am looking younger and terrific. I am walking up to 16 laps a day in my pool which I had added to my house for therapy sessions. Although I can’t walk on water yet (haha) and have troubles on land, I am doing well in water…without holding on to anything. My identical twin sister had a coronary two weeks ago and has now moved to a new apartment near her son, Thomas in Switzerland.
I miss the changing of the colors of leaves and the first snow falling in the winter, but remember with fondness my last winters snowfall. Here in the midst of the desert it snowed briefly and I hope to see it at least one more time this winter. On August 10th, my daughter Barbara presented me with my first grandchild Sylvia Anna. I had sent her baby clothes for a boy for almost a whole year. After I heard it was a girl I packed a huge box with pink adorable girls clothes and visited her when she was two weeks old. Despite the help of my son Kenneth, I had a difficult time with the 2 flights to Wisconsin. I greatly enjoy being a grandma and talk to Barbara almost every day. My granddaughter was born 7 lb. 3 oz and six weeks later is already 10 lb.
Love and Happy Holidays,

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