Graceful Passages A Companion for Living and Dying (Wisdom of the World) Book & CD set

Through words and music, this beautifully designed set offers a renewal of faith to anyone struggling with grief. The book’s heartfelt words, from some of the world’s greatest visionary leaders, are set to original soul-stirring music, creating an atmosphere of relaxation, insight, and healing. Created by the cofounders of the Companion Arts Foundation, Graceful Passages addresses themes of letting go, closure, expressing love, forgiveness, appreciation of life, and continuity of spirit from different perspectives and faith traditions. Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish clergy are represented as well as Native American, Confucian, and Buddhist voices, creating a truly multifaith resource. A compelling musical score, created by a pioneering healing music artist and award-winning composer, lovely still-life photographs, and elegant design create a gentle invitation for the reader and listener to reflect upon what matters most in life.
New World Library, 2006
(56 pages, $24.95)
ISBN: 1577315618
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