Dear Friends,
Spring 1998 I am still getting tons of mail, as usual, with your kind thoughts as well as requests for all sorts of things. Although I am learning patience, it has not yet extended to my mail. So, I am sending you this Spring newsletter to share with you what’s been going on with me recently. I have had a lot of Swiss visitors lately. Especially nice was my visit with my sister Eva. She is doing well and we had a great 10 days together. I was also told that my old childhood town of Meilen is awarding me with a Honorary Citizenship this week. Last weekend, I participated in my fourth benefit 10 kilometer walkathon (in my wheelchair) here in Phoenix and hope to be doing more until it gets too hot out! I am still seeing Joseph (my spiritual healer) once a week. He is helping me recover my strength so, I am out walking more and being out on my porch for at least an hour each day when the weather permits.
Soon I am hoping to build a small lap pool which will also help in my physical therapy. And….. I am once again trying to give up smoking, which is naturally, driving me up the wall! There is a new project for a feature movie, based on my life as written in my last book “The Wheel of Life”. It will probably be another year to two before the project will actually be completed. I have also agreed to give my first public talks in four years. These won’t be lectures but it will be nice to be out and doing something. For Easter, my son Kenneth, brought me a live bunny rabbit (just to visit). I hadn’t held a rabbit in 30 years. Have a wonderful Spring and be grateful for your health, family, and friends.

Love and blessings for 1998.
P.S. Thanks to all of you who write me and again please excuse me if I do not answer you letters personally. If you do write, please send postcards only and no manuscripts. Thank you for your understanding..

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