Dear Friends,
I continue to make SLOW progress, but although I don’t enjoy my life in the present condition, 1. I am grateful that I can eat anything I desire. 2. I can still take my own bath. 3. I have enough friends and neighbors I can call in case of emergency and 4. I can look forward to my weekly treatments which allow me to walk in water at least, if not on water…haha…that probably has to wait till I make my transition, which I pray for. I am grateful for my children and my granddaughter who “talks” with me on the telephone. My table is full of flowers from literally all over the world; the most beautiful one is a bouquet from Hawaii, which will last a long time. I am still feeding about 200 birds outside my livingroom window and 14 coyotes. I had 6 new Homing Pigeons but the local hawks ate them! My garden is neglected since I cannot walk anymore.
If I could afford it I would have a good physical therapist who make house calls as I already feel I exploit my good hearted neighbors. I can’t ask them to drive me to a rehab place in AZ. I hope you enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day. It is also the 15th anniversary of my son’s photographic career for which I am very proud. Barbara is a workaholic like me. I hope she doesn’t pay the same price I do. I have just completed work on my 20th book, which will come out next year. It is entitled, “Life Lessons” and will be first book about life, NOT Death! Love to all of you.
Happy Easter and Passover,

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