Scottsdale, Arizona
Dear Friends,
My children Kenneth and Barbara, my two granddaughters, and our family friend, Wendy Woddington, recently accompanied me to Switzerland on the occasion of my triplet sister Erika’s death. She had not been doing well for
quite awhile now and she made her transition on March 27th. We decided at the last minute to go to Switzerland for the funeral and barely made it. The service was very beautiful. Swiss cemeteries are filled with an incredible variety of flowers. My brother’s wife had also died just the week before, but we were not able to make it to that service.
We enjoyed a full week of daily sunshine and the most wonderful food prepared by Arianne Faust, my niece-in-law. She and her husband Thomas spoiled us rotten the entire time, and we spent a very nice Easter with their family.There was a wonderful Easter egg hunt in their backyard, which was fun for Barbara’s children and nice for grandma to watch as well. I was able to spend the first and last day of the trip with my other sister, Eva.
Other highlights of the trip were a visit to Colmar, France for a day visit. Naturally, I enjoyed as much shopping as possible, although many stores were closed for the Easter holiday. I am recuperating again in Phoenix after the 14-hour flight back. I am tempted to return to Switzerland later in the year (possibly September), but the trip is very difficult for me.
I am excited about the publication of a journal by my photographer son Kenneth. It is entitled “A Real Taste of Life” and includes photographs from his travels around the world, as well as some of my never-before-published quotes. You can learn more about it on the Internet at or by calling toll-free 1-888-331-1222. It will be available after May 10th.
I hope that this beautiful spring season brings you hope and happiness.
Love & Blessings,

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