Dear Friends,
This is a brief update on what has been happening in Scottsdale. I am slowly improving due to my weekly sessions with Joseph. I was able to walk 16 laps in my pool without a walker or any help. I can only do this in the water, not on land yet, but at least it is a little progress. Especially since I am without pain…although I am totally exhausted after such an exercise. My son Kenneth has returned from my daughter Barbara’s baby shower in Chicago, in honor of my first grandchild which is due in August. My sister Eva just returned home from her round the world trip. And my sister Erika is soon moving to Liestal to be closer to her son, Thomas. My mail is still bad and I wish everyone would limit correspondence to postcards, not letters which I cannot open myself. I am notifying everyone that I will not open anything that is not on a postcard.
Since I have help only three days a week (9am-4pm), the other four days I manage with the help of some hospice nurses who come in the morning to fix me some tea and stock my night table with some bread and cheese. I am working on my latest book, which will be titled, “Lessons From the Edge of Life”. It should be complete by September and out some time next year. I did my second lecture this year in Arizona on “Being and Doing”. Everything went very well. I am doing another lecture in July, somewhere in Sedona. Otherwise, I have nothing new to tell.
Love and Blessings,

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