Scottsdale, Arizona
After 5 years I’m getting used to my post stroke condition though my life is very monotonous and boring sometimes. I’m commuting with a walker from my bed to my chair. Occasionally, I can make it to the kitchen. When someone forgets a kettle on my stove I have to take it off! I do need a new nurse and housekeeper. Ana Garcia who has worked for me for several years now, is leaving to move back to Mexico and will be missed very much. My friend’s brother died from ALS, a disease far worse than I have. If I compare myself with patients like that I consider myself very lucky & healthy. I am going to Wisconsin to have Christmas with my daughter & granddaughter. I can’t imagine being in the snow again after being in Arizona for all these years but it will be nice. My latest book just came out a few weeks ago. It is called, “Life Lessons” and was written withDavid Kessler. It is my first book and life and living. I also have a website now even though I still hate computers! The site is at For the now it is in English and German but will soon also have French & Japanese versions. As for the future – We’ll see? I am supposed to go to Maine in March to accept an award from a hospice group. Happy holidays to all of you!
Love & Blessings,

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