Scottsdale, Arizona

Dear Friends,
It is winter, but there have been many moments which are pleasant and spring-like. I especially like when my special friends or my son Kenneth visit me at the group home where I live now. Many of you may not know that I had a terrible fall this past autumn, which put me in ill health. I thought it would be my time to “fly away”. I am doing quite well now, in better spirits, and happy in my new home. I need care on a regular basis and I do not recommend a group home, but Kenneth has found me the best one and I am near him. The home has a green yard with flowers and trees. I have the company of rabbits and a variety of birds. We have decorated my room with photos of my family and brought special items from home to make me more comfortable. I have also made a good friend, Frank – a doctor from Nicaragua, who works here. He takes very good care of me and we share everything from frustration to laughs. I also want to thank Barry Smith and everyone at Vistacare Hospice group for all the great help they have given me since September.I also enjoyed a visit from Barbara and my granddaughters, Sylvia and Emma, along with our friend Wendy last month for the holidays.  We spent a wonderful holiday together and; I  very much enjoyed an evening spent at the Phoenix Zoo for their annual “Zoo Lights” with my family. Many of the trails and trees were decorated with lights while holiday music played in the background.  I recommend it for anyone visiting Phoenix during the holidays.
I received a Valentine’s Day card from Barbara and my grandchildren with photos that were taken during their holiday visit. I was reminded of how much we enjoyed opening presents together. The photos were a wonderful surprise. I love watching my granddaughters. They are growing quickly and I wish I could see them more often. They are the two most beautiful grandchildren a grandmother could ask for.
This past weekend was a busy one for me. NPR [National Public Radio] and a hospice film crew from Vermont were here filming and interviewing me. They were all very nice people and we had a ball together.
Stefen Haupt a Swiss filmmaker, has done a wonderful film on my life. I have already seen the film several times at my son’s house. I’ve heard that the film is listed as the 4th highest ranked movie in Switzerland and is currently ranked ahead of the new James Bond movie! Since its premiere in January, I have received lots of packages with Swiss chocolate and many phone calls from Swiss friends, which I naturally enjoy.
Love and Blessings,

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