EKR Brasil

EKR Brasil is teaching classes on the following (in Portuguese):


The Humane Prison Hospice Project

The EKR Foundation supports the work of the The Humane Prison Hospice Project. Their mission is to implement end of life care in prisons by supporting and training prisoners to be the caregivers.

The EKR Center for Thanatology in Monterey, Mexico

The Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation is proud to have been a founding partner of the EKR Center for Thanatology in Monterrey, Mexico. Through professionally trained thanatologists and volunteers, the Center provides emotional support to patients and families as they cope with terminal illness. The Center currently provides care in two Monterrey hospitals and will expand its

Declaration and Call-to-Action on Palliative Care & COVID-19

Witnessing, with the rest of the world, the overwhelming physical, social, emotional and spiritual suffering COVID-19 is inflicting on infected persons and their families globally;

Recognizing that palliative care is aimed at prevention and management of serious health-related suffering;

Observing with great concern that the persons infected with COVID-19 are isolated from their families, and may never see them again;

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