Scottsdale, Arizona
Dear Friend,
It is a beautiful sunny day in Arizona (blue skies and 75 degrees), and the birds are singing and the coyotes visit me once in a while. Three gorgeous big hawks and one eagle keep me company by my pool where I am doing my weekly exercises so I can learn how to walk again. I am still doing twelve laps back and forth once a week when my therapist comes. The reward for this effort is an hour in the Jacuzzi, followed by dinner of vegetarian pizza and spinach soufflé.
My recent big excitement was a weeklong visit with my son Kenneth to New York City. I hadn’t been there for over ten years and had dreamed of spending the holiday season in New York: visiting some old friends including Gregg Furth; shopping at one of my favorite stores – Zabar’s; seeing all the lights and window displays; and visiting Rockefeller Center and the old neighborhood where I lived where Kenneth was born. I was also able to visit the site of the World Trade Center tragedy to be interviewed for a future People Magazine article (publication date unknown at this point). I was escorted by several wonderful New York State troopers and church clergy, and was impressed and moved by the ongoing support for the recovery workers at St. Paul’s Chapel nearby. I talked with many people who had attending my talks and workshops over the years, and that I had not seen in a very long time.A recent bout of kidney stones led me to the emergency room where I spent the whole day with blood tests and an infusion of badly needed fluids and Demerol which left me dopey but pain-free. I finally passed a kidney stone (the first of five!) which will be analyzed so I can get some treatment, and now have been relieved from the whole excruciating, painful affair.
I have enjoyed visits in recent months from some of my very close friends. Next week I am very excited for the visit of my daughter, Barbara, who will be bringing my grandchildren, Sylvia and Emma. If you have not yet seen my website, you can see it at We are also working on new versions in French, Spanish and Italian, with the Japanese site just having gone up. I wish you a peaceful and happy beginning to the New Year.
Love and Blessings,

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