Cole Imperi (USA)

Cole Imperi is a dual-certified thanatologist, a two-time TEDx speaker, and one of America’s leading experts on death, dying, and grief.

She is best known for her work pioneering the fields of Thanabotany and Deathwork (which includes Death Companioning) and through her development of Shadowloss, Shadowlight and Dremains.

Cole is the founder of the School of American Thanatology, which has students from 19 countries across 10 timezones. Cole has worked as a chaplain-thanatologist in a jail, mortuary college professor, crematory operator, hospice volunteer, grief support group leader for children as young as 3 to adults, and served on the board of a green burial startup. In addition to her work at the School of American Thanatology, Cole is currently serving as President of the 176-year-old Historic Linden Grove Cemetery & Arboretum in Covington, Kentucky works with death-related businesses through her consulting firm, Doth, and publishes death and loss-related content as the American Thanatologist.

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