Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Archive gift to Stanford University

The family of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D. is proud to announce they have donated the official archive collection of the late iconic psychiatrist, author and hospice pioneer to Stanford Libraries’ Department of Special Collections. Dr. Kübler-Ross is the legendary author of 24 books including the groundbreaking bestseller On Death and Dying, which is being published in it’s 50th anniversary edition.

Stanford University took into account Dr. Kübler-Ross’s immensely beneficial influence on society and medicine when deciding to act upon widespread interest in her life’s work across the outstanding center for academic excellence.  “The Kübler-Ross Archive is a wonderful addition to our Department of Special Collections and offers a tremendous opportunity for interdisciplinary investigation and exploration across law, medicine and sociology, to name only a few,” said Matt Marostica, Associate University Librarian for Public Service and Collective Department.

Also participating in the acquisition project were Dr. Karl Lorenz, section chief of the VA Palo Alto-Stanford Palliative Care Programs and Drs. David Magnus and Maren Monsen. Dr. Lorenz noted, “Her work in important ways informs the goals of Stanford’s own palliative care programs — for example, her emphasis on caring as a responsibility of every clinician not the province of a specialist.”

The archival collection also features thousands of letters from dozens of countries, which reflects Elisabeth’s influence around the world. Stanford is also planning to host a conference featuring the contemporary relevance of Dr. Kübler-Ross’s work.  As well, Dr. Maren Monsen, a Stanford palliative care physician, clinical ethicist, and filmmaker, will be crafting a documentary film and educational videos for distribution to multidisciplinary trainees in the health professions using the extensive video components of the Kübler-Ross Archive.

Ken Ross, President of the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation and his sister, Barbara Rothweiler, Ph.D. are honored to collaborate with Stanford University and Stanford Libraries’ Department of Special Collections.

“Our mother’s vast collection of correspondence, photographs, video and audio recordings, books and more deserve to be preserved and shared with patients and providers alike, as her messages of compassionate care for the dying and the grieving are timeless. It was one of her fondest wishes that all facing end of life have their perspectives heard and respected.  In gifting this archival collection to Stanford, our hope is that all will help carry this important work forward for generations to come.”

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