Dr. Zipporah Vun Oro Ali, MD, MPH, MPC (Kenya)

A medical doctor with a special calling, to alleviate the pain and suffering of vulnerable people such as those with life threatening illnesses, marginalized women and girls and others, to improve their (and their families) quality of life and empower them to advocate for their rights.

Over 20 years of leadership experience including: in Management; Advocacy at national and international level; Proposal writing; Evaluation, Monitoring and Report writing; Preparing and presentation of conference papers both nationally and internationally; Organization of workshops; Working with other organizations, the community, the Government of Kenya and international organizations as well as international donor agencies. Fifteen years of experience, leading a national non-governmental organization working in palliative care in Kenya; 16 years as the Senior Medical Officer (Medical Director) at the Nairobi Hospice, 4 years as a Medical Officer at the National Referral Hospital-Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi. Palliative Care Lecturer in various teaching institutions in Kenya.

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